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TraumaFX Announces the Most Advanced K9 Emergency Medical Training Simulator
From: Press Release

May 14, 2018 - SAN ANTONIO, TX and FAIRFAX, VA - TraumaFX, a division of Kforce Government Solutions, Inc. (KGS) and a leading global provider of advanced, ruggedized human and canine medical training simulators, today announced the commercial availability of the most-advanced canine medical simulator available - K9 Diesel.

Named in memory of the heroic canine who died in the line of duty following the 2015 Paris terror attacks, K9 Diesel was developed jointly with the U.S. Department of Defense and offers 28 different features and medical intervention sites. Building on the TraumaFX K9 Hero model released in 2016, which brought its rugged design and life-like skeleton to handlers and medics, K9 Diesel adds new features such as adjustable, realistic breathing; audio cues (4 different sounds an injured dog makes); interchangeable limbs; packable axillary wounds; decompression for Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) also known as Bloat; plus realistic venous and arterial bleeding for hemorrhage control training.

What makes K9 Diesel most unique is its ability to easily pre-program a training scenario which can be named and saved for future use.  This allows instructors to focus on the techniques of the learner and the K9 simulator functions on its own during the exercise, capturing the results for review in a debrief.

With a cadre of different intervention sites and unparalleled look and feel, Diesel is arguably the most realistic, feature-rich canine medical simulator currently available on the market.

“With K9 Diesel, operational K9 care is realized for the first time via simulation,” said Carolyn Hollander, Vice President of TraumaFX.  “Working closely with DOD operational K9 teams, we’ve been able to replicate many more real-world medical situations.”

In addition to military applications, K9 Diesel offers critical educational and skills development capabilities that are ideal for police and federal working dog teams, universities, veterinary hospitals, and civilian first responders.  Key among them are the lifelike airway for intubation, tracheostomy, adjustable bilateral pulses, bilateral cephalic IV with flash cue, bilateral needle decompression, bilateral intraosseous infusion (tibial and humeral), GDV (bloat) decompression, and CPR with mouth to snout resuscitation.

“Diesel’s wide range of features combined with its incredible fidelity will allow learners to practice critical interventions never before offered for canines in a simulated experience,” Hollander continued. “It will greatly improve knowledge and skills related to canine emergency medicine and enable responders to deliver exceptional care.”

All TraumaFX products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Led by a team of award-winning designers, engineers and model makers who built their skills over decades working in the practical special effects division of Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic, TraumaFX simulators deliver an experience unlike any other solutions in the market. 

Diesel will begin its world tour this week at the 2018 Special Operations Medical Association’s Scientific Assembly (SOMSA) conference May 14-16 in Charlotte, NC. It can be seen in Europe starting with the Search and Detection Workshop being held at the Ulven Military Camp in Bergen, Norway, May 18-21. Other events will be announced as they become available.

For a complete list of K9 Diesel features, visit our product page here.

About TraumaFX

TraumaFX is dedicated to developing innovative medical simulation and training technologies that improve survivability of severe injuries on the battlefield and in civilian casualty situations. We specialize in high-fidelity, ruggedized simulators to deliver the most lifelike experience for trainees while enabling field exercises in any environment and in any weather. Our advanced sensor technology monitors critical treatment procedures and immediately transmits data to trainers wirelessly to optimize instruction in real-time. Originally developed by KGS under a research and development contract with the U.S. Army ARL-STTC, TraumaFX today offers a broad portfolio of human and canine medical simulators that allow military personnel, first responders, K9 handlers, and emergency medical professionals to experience the complexities of treating severe injuries, properly and effectively, in real world situations.

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